Sunday, 12 March 2017

March Workshop

They arrived, ready to take on everything I could throw at them...

Not one project, but two...

At the same time! 

The results were amazing! 

My goodness, they look fantastic! 

After lunch, we cleaned away the ink, paint and ribbon.  We got out our pencil crayons, courage and black card...

I'm sure they thought I had lost the plot.  I took them through the stages of drawing a bubble or two. They continued to follow my instructions despite their misgivings, then the magic happened...

We had bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles! 


The bubble technique was used to add the finishing touches to the last project...

A magical combination! 

Well done everyone! Beautiful work! 

The next workshop...

Great news on the venue front... it's warm, bigger, has its own kitchen, parking... just about everything we could ask for!  Straightforward to get to (A6 Loughborough).  I will pass on the full address to those interested.

I do have a list of  dates for the rest of the year; they are:

8th April
13th May
10th June
8th July
12th August
9th September 
14th October
11th November
And Christmas Party 9th December!

If you would like to come along to any of the above workshops please do let me know.

I hope you can join us... keep your eyes open for the next projects! 

Crafty love n hugs xxxx


  1. Looks like a great time was had looking forward to video please if how to do bubble xx

    1. We'll see Joy! But thank you very much xxx

  2. Well done you!!! Looks like a great workshop and lovely results. Xxx

  3. One day I really hope to be part of the fun going on xx